Aantal 13–17 van 17 totaal

  • Dubbelgangers en tegenhangers

    Parallelle verhalen in Bijbel en Klassieke mythologie
    Jo Claes

    Dubbelgangers en tegenhangers

    Deukalion en Phyrra uit de klassieke mythologie zijn de tegenhangers van de bijbelse Noah en zijn vrouw. Ze wisten zich te redden van een zondvloed dankzij een goddelijke waarschuwing. Hun ark of boot strandde op een berg nadat de wateren waren gezakt. Beide echtparen zorgden voor het nieuwe mensengeslacht.
    Maar hoe opvallend en veelvoorkomend de vele gelijkenissen ook zijn tussen de mythes en bijbelverhalen, steeds bevatten deze verhalen afwijkende details, motieven of afloop als gevolg van de verschillen in cultuur, traditie en religie waaruit ze zijn ontstaan.
    Dubbelgangers en tegenhangers laat op een verassende manier anders kijken naar deze eeuwenoude verhalen.
    Jo Claes is een romanschrijver, maar heeft ook talrijke boeken op zijn naam over hagiografie, iconografie, mythologie en Bijbel.

  • Roma Intima

    Love, Lust and Human Body
    Bert Gevaert, Johan Mattelaer

    Roma Intima

    In Ancient Rome, orgies were an everyday affair, weren’t they? The place was a paradise for people with a huge sexual
    appetite, wasn’t it? Ever since the discovery of erotic images amongst the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, this one-sided picture of a dissolute and debauched Rome has been consistently presented in literature, art, film and television. Bert Gevaert, Doctor in Classical Philology, and Dr. Johan Mattelaer, urologist, now consign these ideas to the dustbin of history. In Roma Intima the authors answer questions like: what did the Romans think made a body beautiful? What turned them on, sexually? What turned them off? What was their attitude towards love between people of
    the same gender? Were they embarrassed by ‘bath-and-toilet’ matters? Did the Romans use aphrodisiacs? Or ontraceptives? What underclothes did they wear? Did they have pornography? What obscene swear words did they use to insult each other?
    DR. BERT GEVAERT guides readers effortlessly through the many Roman texts – most of them little known and uncensored –
    about love, sex and intimacy, while Dr. JOHAN MATTELAER opens the door to the world of physiology and the physical
    aspects of human sexuality. The wealth of illustrations that accompany the texts come from Roman archaeological sites and from some of the world’s finest museums and private collections.

  • Victor Horta and the Frison House in Brussels

    In the middle of the Lebeaustraat in Brussels, sandwiched between neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic houses, stands an Art Nouveau jewel designed by Victor Horta: the Frison House. It was
    commissioned by Maurice Frison, a lawyer and friend of the architect, and was built in 1894-1895. Horta designed not only the house, but also all its furniture and decoration, right down to the smallest detail: from door handles to marble fireplaces, from mosaic floors to elegant banisters, from wall lamps to the gratings for the cellar openings. The absolute eyecatcher is the winter garden, whose elegant design allows soft yellow light to flow subtly into its perfectly proportioned space.

    Nupur Tron is the author of this book and owner of the house. In recent years, she has breathed new life back into Horta’s masterpiece. She pieced together bits of the old chandeliers she found in one of the cellars. She had items of furniture designed by Horta lovingly restored. With great passion, she continues to search for the funds that will allow her to restore the entire house to its former glory, one step at a time.

    Horta and the Frison House in Brussels is an ode to the architect and his creation.

    Nupur Tron is from India. She studied Design, Marketing & Merchandising and Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She designs jewellery, in which the different styles of east and west meet in harmony.