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€ 25.00
Paperback in color
240 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 913 9
July 2022
Sterck & De Vreese

Alexandra van Dongen

Closer to Vincent

Everyday objects in Vincent van Gogh’s body of work


Throughout his career, Vincent van Gogh depicted everyday objects in his drawings and paintings. Some of these attributes have been preserved by Vincent’s sister-in-law, Jo van Gogh-Bonger (1862-1925), including a French earthenware flower vase, a Norman copper milk jug, and a French wicker chair in which some of his French models posed. Many of his famous flower still lifes suggest vases that are actually majolica apothecary jars, earthenware storage jars, and various other containers.
Various objects offer surprising insights into the genesis of his work. Recent research by art historian Alexandra van Dongen shows that an exact identification of everyday objects may sometimes offer new insights on the probable manufacturing location and dating of Van Gogh’s art works.

Alexandra van Dongen calls our attention to small details and objects that are often overlooked, but that are meaningful for a better understanding of Van Gogh’s work.

Alexandra van Dongen is Curator of Historical Design in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.







By Nobelprize winner Ben Feringa!

€ 24.90
Paperback in color
240 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789056159771
September 2022

Chinese rights under option

Ben Feringa & Anouk Lubbe

Everyday Molecules

Molecules can be found literally everywhere. They shape everything around us, and we ourselves are made up of these super-small building blocks. In this book, Nobel laureate Ben Feringa and fellow chemist Anouk Lubbe discuss the molecules in our immediate environment, for example in our clothing, but they also highlight substances in soft drinks, amino acids in bodies, the miraculous qualities of graphene, molecules that make us drunk, happy or sick, the synthetic rubber in tires, and the melanin in our sleep. A richly illustrated, highly accessible book about molecules we live with every day. From Nobel Prize laureate Ben Feringa. “The molecular world has a mysterious beauty. A relatively limited number of elements enables us to build a seemingly infinite variety of molecules. From these are derived all the materials we encounter every day. Fascinating stuff!”

Ben Feringa is Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Groningen. In 2016, he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering research on molecular motors.

Anouk Lubbe is Manager of Research in the Department of Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry at the University of Groningen.














€ 22.50
Hardback in color 
200 pages 
16.5 x 23 cm 
ISBN 978 90 5615 789 0
October 2021


Arjen Dijkstra

The Sky Builder

A biography of Eise Eisinga

Toward the end of the eighteenth century, Eise Eisinga, resident of the small Frisian university town called Franeker in The Netherlands, built a magnificent model of the solar system. Upon completion, the news of this Planetarium spread through the world at breakneck speed.

With this book, Arjen Dijkstra recounts the wonderful story of the life of Eisinga and the origin of the Franeker Planetarium. Using dozens of previously unknown sources, he constructs a surprising picture of the Sky Builder. Dijkstra regards Eisinga in the context of the major economic, political and scientific developments of the time. Eisinga’s and the Planetarium’s history are closely intertwined with the emergence of The Dutch Republic.

Arjen Dijkstra (1979) is principal of the University Museum in Groningen. He specializes in the history of science.

Nature/ Science

€ 22.90
224 pages
15 x 23 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 781 4
September 2021
Achilles Cools

Look at the Ants

What it mound to

Look, wood ants! In his yard, Achilles Cools discovers a huge anthill and attempts to penetrate the superorganism. The ant population functions as one brain and shares a collective consciousness. Based on the latest scientific insights and using surprising examples, Cools introduces us to the incredible world of ants. Take residence among princesses and queens, ladies-in-waiting, a primeval mother, dew maidens, herd guards and singing dolls. Thousands of years before humans discovered agriculture, ants already knew how to keep livestock. They hold honeymoon flights, communicate through scent codes and SOS alarms, and exchange passwords. Their success story is based on a rock-solid social organization. It makes one wonder: how would it be to be part of a wood ant colony?

Achilles Cools is a writer, sculptor, draftsman and painter. The various disciplines are interrelated, with Nature as common focal point. Previously, Cools wrote a book on the jackdaw.

€ 49.95
Hardback in color
450 pages
23 x 28 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 801 9 June 2022
Sterck & De Vreese
Maarten Christenhusz & Rafaël Govaerts


On a Plant Hunt Around the World

Most people can name one or two animals that have disappeared from the face of the earth. The dodo, for example, is such an icon. Little is known however about the extinction of plants.

In true detective style, botanists Maarten Christenhusz and Rafaël Govaerts go on a journey around the world, describing how plant hunters discover species that were thought to be long gone. Often one is not sure that plants are extinct, in which case they must be tracked down. Causes? The introduction of grazers, building frenzy, climate change, tourism, the disappearance of biotopes, excessive mowing.

But not all is lost. The authors emphasize that threatened species may increase in numbers again when conditions improve. Seeds can lay dormant in the earth for many years… Gardens also play an important role, as they can facilitate reintroductions when a species has disappeared locally or worldwide.
This richly illustrated book shows the diversity of plants that are lost, but also inspires us to turn the tide. You can even grow your own extinct plant!

Dr. Maarten Christenhusz MSc, PhD, FLS, is a Dutch biologist, natural historian, and author. He travels around the world to discover new and extinct plant species. He discovered 37 new species, eight new genera and three new plant families.

Rafael Govaerts BSc, FLS, is a Belgian biologist. Ever since his teens, he scours the earth for extinct plants. He currently works at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London.

€ 39.95
Hardback in color
340 pages
23 x 28 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 914 6
June 2022

Sterck & De Vreese

Marcel De Cleene

Historia Naturalis: de Avibus

Birds in Culture

In the call of the lapwing, the phrase “Komm mit” (German for “Come with me”) can be heard, hence the bird’s fate as a symbol of death. Lapwings signalled death and dying. Large, migratory waterfowl such as swans, cranes, herons, and storks carried along children’s souls from the Other Land, who would then be born in the same year. The popular story that storks deliver babies found its origin here. Vultures and ravens hovering over the battlefield were omens of the battle ending badly. German farmers believed they could deduce the price of grain from the quail’s calls.

Historia Naturalis: de Avibus cojoins nature and culture. The book reveals important insights into the important role that birds play in symbolism, emblems, heraldry, rituals, mythology, devotion, magic, popular belief, and language.

A particularly rich source of information, beautifully illustrated with colored engravings of birds from the Histoire Naturelle by Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon.

Emeritus Prof. Marcel de Cleene is a plant physiologist. He worked at Ghent University.







€ 35.00
240 pages
Format 21,5 x 26,5
May 2020
ISBN 978 90 5615 612 1
Noordboek-HL Books

Cor van Gelder

Hyper Nature

Planting for the Future

In nature, every spot has special characteristics that make it suitable for certain types of plants. Remarkably there is a plant for every spot and season. We find plants growing on heights and in valleys, blooming with large or narrow leaves in early spring or late summer.

If we understand the properties of plants and the specifications of each spot, we may create gardens where plants flourish naturally.  Such gardens will display beauty in all seasons. Familiarity with plants and their preferred locations also helps to create gardens that are prepared for climate change and changing conditions. For a design to be sustainable it makes sense to look further than the nearest popular plant. No matter how beautiful, it may not be very happy in your yard.

For Cor van Gelderen, who works in the Esveld Nursery in Boskoop, a garden requires a seemingly coincidental harmony of color, form, openness and shelter. To design a planting scheme means to create new nature, which he calls hypernature. It is to be conceived, formed and sculpted. It is more than nature and yet it is natural. Van Gelderen is regularly asked to give media performances as a tree expert.


€ 19.95
Paperback in color
164 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 883 5 February 2022
Sterck & De Vreese

Martin Hermy

Trees for Gardens

An Anthology of Suitable Kinds

So, the decision has been made: you are about to plant a tree in your garden. But how to choose the most suitable tree from the multitude of species? It depends on your preferences: do you like trees with pretty autumn colors? Are flowering trees your thing in early spring or summer, or are you game for fruit varieties? And how about parameters for space, neighbours, the soil, sun, and shade?

Trees for Gardens covers 90 species. Each species also includes information about congeners. The Choice Maker at the end of the book clearly shows the specific properties of all listed tree species. You can get started right away, because the book also includes practical information on how to plant and maintain trees.

Martin Hermy is professor emeritus of the Leuven University where he taught green management, nature management, and ecology for 25 years. He is also a passionate garden enthusiast. Sterck & De Vreese also published The Right Tree for Every Garden (third edition).

€ 22.50
Paperback in color
240 pages
20 x 21 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 869 9
April 2022


Martin Stevens & Marlies Huijzer

Wild Plants in the Yard


The first book by both authors explores working with wild plants, shrubs and trees that thrive in garden settings. Martin Stevens and Marlies Huijzer elaborate on using wild plants in different types of gardens, including on rooftops.

Gardens are created firstly for the gardener’s pleasure, therefore will feature plants of their own liking. The authors however demonstrate that weeds may look very appealing in a yard. Furthermore, they entice insects such as butterflies, bees, hoverflies, beetles as well as birds, frogs, hedgehogs, and shrews.The authors explain which plants and plant combinations are suitable for which types of garden, taking into account size, soil type, sun, shade and location. They delve into growing plants and seek information from expert gardeners working in botanical gardens and nurseries. Browsing and reading this richly illustrated book will give you ideas and invite natural life into your garden!

Martin Stevens and Marlies Huijzer are both naturalists. In 2021, they wrote Gardening with Wild Plants, which was immediately reprinted. After this successful book they now present Wild Plants in theYard, which offers many helpful hints.

€ 39.90
Hardback in color
256 pages
21.7 x 28 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 716 6
May 2021
HL Books

Noel Kingsbury & Maayke de Ridder

From Landscape to Garden

The Netherlands as a Source of Inspiration for Garden Designers


A surprising look at Dutch landscape and garden design


Accessible, firmly placed in the present time, and very Dutch: these three characteristics have made Dutch design world famous. Garden and landscape design are part of this global brand.

Often, an effective use of limited space is key. Many designers take their inspiration from the existing landscape. In many cases, the shape of contemporary gardens is dictated by the landscape – with the presence of water as the most obvious condition. This book looks at the Dutch history of gardening and landscaping, while highlighting the work of contemporary garden designers and showing how their work fits in with local landscapes.

The expert view of Noel Kingsbury provides a surprising picture of the Netherlands; Maayke De Ridder’s photography skilfully links landscape to the works of contemporary garden designers.

Noel Kingsbury, garden designer, journalist and educator is a popular author of books on gardening and landscaping. For this book, he travelled across the Netherlands in search of the essence of Dutch landscape and garden design.

With a background in fashion and styling, Maayke de Ridder is one of the Netherlands’ best-known nature photographers. Her work has a unique quality that is much in demand at home and abroad.

€ 19.90
Hardback in color
Approx. 160 pages
17 x 21.5 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 928 3
June 2022
Noordboek | HL Books

Jacqueline van der Kloet

Bulb Guide

When it comes to flower bulbs and their usage in large and small gardens, Jacqueline van der Kloet is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field.  From the earliest snowdrops to autumn crocuses, alpine violets, and, of course, tulips, bulbs are a beautiful gift of nature.

In short chapters, Jacqueline inspires both novices and experienced gardeners with excitement for bulbs. Bulbs, of course, are suitable for any location – from tiny facade gardens and balconies to mini-gardens and vast lawns. But how do you decide on the right choice of bulbs for each location? This book covers all there is to know, including planting methods, handy tools, and how to combine bulbs with other plants. Supplemented with Jacqueline’s personal choice of bulbs, and garnished with exquisite photos, this is a the book of choice for any bulb lover.

Jacqueline van der Kloet is a much sought-after garden and landscape architect. She is a member of the team responsible for the planting of the Floriade 2022. Her expertise on combining bulbs with perennials is unparalleled. Jacqueline’s work can be seen at home and abroad. Several of her books have been published in foreign languages.

€ 29.95
Paperback with flaps
416 pages
Format 17 x 23 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 667 1
November 2020
HL Books

Rights sold to UK and Korea

Piet Oudolf

Oudolf | Hummelo

“If the world of gardening has rock stars, Piet Oudolf qualifies as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Prince all in one.” – Gardenista


Before the garden of Piet and Anja Oudolf in Hummelo finally closed its gates, it had almost become a place of pilgrimage for the many international admirers of the garden and landscape architect. The combination of the garden and the nursery was the basis of Oudolf’s unprecedented knowledge of plants and his ability to create new and innovative products.

Oudolf | Hummelo describes how views on planting in gardens and public spaces have changed over the last 35 years. The book explores Oudolf’s many international projects of world fame and has been updated for this new edition.

Piet Oudolf is one of the world’s most influential contemporary garden and landscape designers. His work includes the planting of the world-famous High Line in New York, and various other major public projects at home and abroad.

Noel Kingsbury is a journalist, garden design and teacher. He advocates a natural and sustainable approach to garden designing and planting. He has 25 books to his name, 5 of which in collaboration with Piet Oudolf.

€ 19.95
Paperback in color
272 ​​pages
Size 17 x 21 cm
ISBN 978 90 8268364 6

Rights sold to UK, France, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Japan, South Korea

Piet Oudolf & Henk Gerritsen

Dream Plants

The New Generation of Garden Plants

This groundbreaking book on garden plants is now revised and published in a new, handy jacket.

In the late 1980s, several growers started experimenting and looking for new origins and perennial plants with a natural look, subtle colors and a pronounced texture and shape – plants that retain their appeal even after flowering.
In the Netherlands, Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen formed a perfect match. Their output includes books that are ranked among the classics in the gardening genre.
Their first collaboration was Dream Plants, a true plant guide, which is now republished in a completely new and handy edition. Where necessary, the plant lists have been adjusted and augmented, and the book has been redesigned with beautiful new images.

Piet Oudolf is one of the world’s most influential contemporary garden and landscape designers. His work includes the world-famous High Line in New York and various other major public projects at home and abroad.

Henk Gerritsen was one of the leading garden designers in the Netherlands. In his Priona Gardens in Schuinesloot he demonstrated a free approach to plants and planting.










English text available

€ 27.50
Paperback with flaps
320 pages
15 x 23 cm
NUR 730
ISBN 978 90 5615 908 5
June 2022

Renatus Willemsen

Bernard Mandeville

A Mischievous Thinker?

Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733) is best known for his Fable of the Bees. In the book, he settles scores with the stifling moralism of his time and lays the foundation for a new economic theory. According to Mandeville, it is not virtue but vice and self-interest that drive people to action.

Renatus Willemsen wrote the first major biography of Mandeville. The author describes Mandeville as a versatile, acute thinker and eloquent writer. Mandeville speaks candidly on topics including sexuality and mental illness. His plea for women’s emancipation was unheard of in his day.

Philosophers and scientists including David Hume, Adam Smith and Charles Darwin acknowledged their indebtedness to Mandeville, ‘the Dutch Doctor’.

Renatus Willemsen studied Economic History, Business and Philanthropy. He worked as Director of Investments at various financial institutions.











€ 16.90
Paperback with flaps
128 pages
14 x 21.5 cm
NUR 730
ISBN 978 90 5615 906 1
June 2022

Don Croonenberg



Why bother with truth when you can make do with bull? Or is this a fallacy?

Garnished with witty aphorisms and sharp observations, this easy-to-read book investigates bull: the petty and the big lies, the semi-truths, the errors, explicit nonsense and the hot air. Our look-out on life often turns out to be no more than an echo chamber filled with words, in which language bewitches us, and untruths abound. Can this not be avoided, in part at least?

Harnessed with a few basic philosophical principles, we may protect ourselves against the worst kinds of bull in our minds. As for the echoing world out there, the world of opinions and truth claims, how about if we populate it with some critical friends?

Don Croonenberg is theologian and ghostwriter. He extensively labored in philosophy and logic, and published several books.









€ 17.90
Paperback with flaps
160 pages
14 x 21.5 cm
NUR 680
ISBN 978 90 5615 902 3
June 2022

Frank Hermans

The Civilization Front

How disasters and wars make us more human


Over the centuries, we have become increasingly sensitive to the suffering of others. Remarkably, it is disasters that drive this awareness process. Wars, famines, disasters and pandemics reveal the suffering of others, and reinforce empathy and benevolence.

Frank Hermans, sociologist, shows how a global civilization process has come about, placing health care on the front line of an advancing humanitarian movement. In hospitals, victims of chronic stress and a globally changing natural environment demand our empathy, leading to the next step in the civilization process, Hermans predicts.

With this book, Hermans wrote a new theory of civilization in the tradition of Norbert Elias and Johan Goudsblom.

Frank Hermans is sociologist. He earned his PhD at the University of Amsterdam on the subject of Trauma and Civilization. His previous publications include The Global Civilization Process and The Evolution of Compassion.


€ 22.50
256 pages
15 x 23 cm
NUR 440
ISBN 978 90 5615 898 9
May 2022

Jacques Meerman

The Joys of Eating

About Food Production and Eating Well

The joys of eating are deeply rooted in our bodily systems and culture, but they are also a favorite topic of discussion in today’s society. Scientists, manufacturers, politicians, supermarkets, and influencers all express the need to not enjoy the abundance of food around us. In The Joys of Eating, Jacques Meerman shows that there are other ways to relate to food, and he describes countless examples from past and other cultures.

With a global climate catastrophe underway, we will have to find a new path in the field of food. The ability to enjoy food remains key, and modern botany may prove helpful in this area. At the same time, it puts us on a par with the plants, animals and other life forms that make our enjoyment possible. The Joys of Eating is therefore a hopeful and cheerful book.

Jacques Meerman is a writer and translator of culinary texts with an inexhaustible interest in the culture and history of food. This has led to books A Short History of Dutch Cuisine and Mediterraneo, about Mediterranean cooking.


€ 17.50
Paperback with flaps
224 pages
19 x 24 cm
NUR 860
ISBN 978 90 5615 7 17 3
May 2021
HL Books

Leontine Trijber

The Faltering Brain

New Views on Dementia

A groundbreaking book!

In discussions and publications, people suffering from dementia are often thought of as having a faltering brain. In addition, much attention goes out to suffering, fear and decay. Leontine Trijber however shows that a new set of skills, a positive approach and a good sense of creativity can make living with dementia less burdensome for everyone. By finding and pushing the right buttons time and again, much can still be done for many years after the diagnosis.

The book is full of useful advice and eye-openers that people with a faltering brain and their loved ones may use to continue to experience support, happiness, fun, and togetherness.

Leontine Trijber is a versatile and creative pioneer. After years of working as a journalist, photographer and in psychiatry, she has used her vision and enthusiasm to set up a meeting center for people with a faltering brain: it must and can be done differently.








€ 19.90
Paperback with flaps
128 pages
Format 14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 905 4
June 2022

Imke de Boer

Do Animals Still Fit on Our Plate?

This question has haunted the Wageningen scientist Imke de Boer for a long time. Current livestock farming methods contribute to the climate crisis and a loss of biodiversity. So should we all go vegan? Not necessarily. Animals can be fed biomass products that are non-digestable to humans, for example residual flows and grass. Small amounts of meat might then support a sustainable diet. Other questions, however, remain. Would such a diet still be nutritious? And do we want to continue to hold animals in captivity and kill them for the production of our nutrients? This book sets off on a personal journey through these and other questions, providing the scientific basis needed to formulate answers.

“We have a problem on our plate, according to this confrontational book. I’ve been aware of this for years now, but luckily Imke de Boer explains how we may get rid of it efficiently. It’s all a matter of carni-minority. I’m just afraid that I still have to remind myself regularly, because it takes getting used to, getting used to, getting used to.’ – Harm Edens

Imke J.M. de Boer is Professor of Animal and Sustainable Food Systems at Wageningen University & Research and owns the company De Boer en Voeding. As a systems thinker she works to contribute to a sustainable food future. She and her team received the prestigious Rockefeller Food System Vision Prize for their vision.


€ 24.95
192 pages
15 x 23 cm
ISBN 978 90 5615 918 4 
May 2022
Sterck & De Vreese

Jan Dries

Always Tired

A Comprehensive Guide to Overcome Fatigue


Prolonged and severe fatigue occurs when the human relaxation mechanism becomes systematically suppressed. This may happen slowly and unnoticed because of an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. The energy system collapses, and toxic substances accumulate that do not leave the body or leave it too slowly. These toxic substances are the basis of fatigue. This complex process has repercussions on behavior and affects our state of mind. We are then caught in a vicious circle.

According to Jan Dries, fatigue is not the problem, but our inability to recover from it. Through simple and short exercises, so-called mini-movements, and by clearing the mind, abiding to one’s biorhythm, eating energy-rich food and by eliminating energy-draining stress and negative emotions, we may overcome fatigue remarkably quickly and live an active life again.

Jan Dries is the author of books on health. He has accumulated a wealth of experience as a Relaxation Therapist and Personality Analyst.